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Simple Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Cold and Dry Weather

Simple Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Cold and Dry Weather

In the world of beauty, the struggle to seamlessly reapply sunscreen over foundation is a common one. We've uncovered a genius hack that ensures sun protection without compromising your flawless look. This game-changing technique involves the use of powder sunscreen and the versatile Bare Multistick, offering a convenient solution to the sunscreen reapplication dilemma.

  • The Importance of Sunscreen Reapplication:
    Understanding the importance of sunscreen reapplication is crucial for maintaining effective sun protection throughout the day. Factors like sweat, touching your face, or exposure to the environment can wear off sunscreen, leaving your skin vulnerable to harmful UV rays. Reapplying sunscreen is key to reducing the risk of sun damage and premature aging.
  • The Traditional Sunscreen Conundrum:
    Reapplying sunscreen over makeup has long been a challenge due to the disruptive nature of traditional liquid or cream formulas. Many individuals opt to forego sunscreen reapplication to preserve their carefully applied foundation, compromising sun protection for aesthetics.
  • The Genius Hack: Powder Sunscreen and Bare Multistick
    Enter the game-changing solution: powder sunscreen and the versatile Bare Multistick. These innovative products allow for seamless sunscreen reapplication without compromising your makeup. Here's why they are a genius hack for keeping your skin safe under the sun while maintaining a flawless look:
  • Powder Sunscreen:
    • Powder sunscreen is a portable and convenient option for frequent reapplication throughout the day. Its mess-free application ensures sun protection without disrupting your makeup.
    • Offering a matte finish, powder sunscreen controls excess oil, providing a polished look that complements your foundation.
    • With buildable coverage and blotting effects, powder sunscreen allows for customizable sun protection, preventing overloading the skin with excess product.
  • Bare Multistick:
    • Bare Multistick is a versatile, multi-use product that serves as a balm for your lips, cheeks, and eyes, offering a convenient solution for on-the-go touch-ups.
    • Its balm formula glides onto the skin effortlessly.
    • Bare Multistick allows for natural blending, providing a radiant finish that seamlessly transitions between makeup steps.


The genius hack of using powder sunscreen and Bare Multistick for sunscreen reapplication over foundation is a game-changer for maintaining both sun protection and a flawless makeup look. This dynamic duo ensures you can confidently step out into the sun, knowing your skin is shielded without compromising your makeup masterpiece. Make this genius hack a staple in your beauty routine and enjoy the best of both worlds—sun-kissed skin and impeccable makeup in one effortless application.

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